BBN Sprint Series Rules


  1. All riders will do a Flying 200 qualifier and be placed into a grade with other riders whose F200 times are close to theirs. The start order and live results will be on the website ( and each rider is responsible for being in the chute in time for their qualifying run.
  2. Every rider will take part in 3 round-robin races within their grade and the top 4 by points will race for the podium positions. Some riders may receive a Bye if there are an odd number of riders in their grade. A Bye is treated as a Win for scoring.
  3. Grades will be run in reverse order in each round with A going last. Riders are responsible for being at the start in the far 'D' for their races. No call-ups by grade will be made. Round 2 will run directly after the completion of Round 1. There will be a 10-minute break before Round 3. The Finals will run immediately after Round 3.
  4. The start will be at a walking pace and racing will begin with a whistle. The leading rider will be designated on the start list for each race and should take the inside position no more than a wheel ahead.
  5. The rider on the inside of the track, unless overtaken, shall lead at least at walking pace and make no manoeuvre to force their opponent through until reaching the pursuit line on the opposite side of the track. No track stands are permitted. Riders are permitted to use the blue band during the first lap until the end of turn 2 but cannot advance or attempt to gain an advantage below the measuring line.
  6. Before the last 200 metres line or the start of the final sprint, riders may avail themselves of the full width of the track but must nevertheless leave sufficient space for their opponent to pass and shall refrain from any manoeuvres that could provoke a collision, a fall or cause any rider to ride off the track.
  7. During the final sprint, even if launched before the last 200 metres, each rider shall remain in their lane up to the finish, unless they have at least a clear cycle-length lead and shall not make any manoeuvre to prevent the opponent from passing.
  8. A rider may not challenge or pass on the left an opponent riding in the sprinters' lane.
    If the leading rider leaves the sprinters' lane and their opponent attempts to pass to their left, the leading rider may not return to that lane unless they still have a clear cycle-length lead.
  9. A rider passing on the right of their opponent, who is in the sprinters' lane, may not crowd the other rider or cause them suddenly to reduce speed.
  10. A rider starting the sprint outside the sprinters' lane may not drop into that lane if it is already occupied by their opponent unless there is a clear cycle-length lead.
  11. After the completion of the race, all riders have one lap to reduce speed and move to the blue band after the finish line. Please exit the track no later than turn 3.


The priority is to have safe and fun racing. Please be considerate of others before, during, and after your races. If you have any questions about the schedule, rules, sprint racing tactics or anything else, don't hesitate to ask Dave, Sean, Anne, or another experienced rider.