Created by Carl Brewer (2008)

How points are allocated for a day's races and the aggregate

For each round a rider is listed for on the entry list :

Result Points
Win 5
Loss 2
Forfeit 0
Disqualification -5
DNF - crash 2
DNF - equipment failure 2
Tied for win 4
Win due to forfeit, other rider
disqualification or equipment failure etc

A rider is considered a forfeit for a round if they miss their start time. There is no grace time for missing start times. We have a very tight schedule to race to and it is each rider's responsibility to be ready for their start on time waiting at the entry gate or the infield railing. The organisers have a clock at the start line, and we recommend that riders take note of this clock as it will be considered the correct time for the purposes of the day's racing.  All efforts will be made to have this clock synchronised with Eastern Standard Summer Time, but in case of contention, for the purpose of this rule the race clock is the correct time.

At the conclusion of the qualifying rounds for each grade, in the event of a tie for a place, placings are determined on a countback to the rider's most recent flying 200 time. Riders then race off for 1st-4th place as follows : 1st vs 2nd for 1st & 2nd place - 3 lap 3rd vs 4th for 3rd & 4th place - 3 lap The daily winner of the day prize (pair of tyres) is done on the daily points sum including finals. In the event of a tie for the daily prize between grades the prize is awarded to the rider with the fastest most recent flying 200 time with the following weighting :

Grade Weighting
A 0
B -0.9s
C -1.8s
D -2.7s

Grading at each meeting is determined by flying 200 times for that meeting. As a guide, in 2007-2008 most grading was as follows :

Rough grade F200 times
A 12-13s
B 13-14s
C 14s+
D n/a

If a D grade is used we would expect it would be 15s+ for flying 200's and C would become 14-15s. These are estimates and the final grading used on the day is at the discretion of the race director.

Aggregate points are allocated as follows per grade :

Result   Points
1st   10
2nd   7
3rd   5
4th   3
Complete all rounds   1
Fail to complete all rounds for any reason
except a crash or equipment failure during a race
Fail to complete all rounds due to a
crash or mechanical failure during

 It is possible to place in the top 4 for a day without completing all rounds and gain aggregate points accordingly. In the event of a tie on points for the series aggregate, the prize will be awarded to the rider with the most daily round wins, if this is still tied, then the flying 200 table as above is used referring to the rider's most recent flying 200 time.

These rules are designed to encourage riders to participate and to finish each day's racing and to avoid disqualification through breaches of the racing rules.